Sharing of knowledge: a priority at af83

By Caroline 23-03-2017


Because we all have passions and enjoy exchanging them, because we still have so much to learn and because the sharing of knowledge in af83 is essential to feed the curiosity of everyone, we launched, on the initiative of our employees, Open Knowledge sessions.

These sessions take place every 15 days, on a 30-minute slot. Where everyone is free to propose, to participate, to intervene and to discuss further their passions. The subjects offered are very wide, with or without a link to the digital world and can relate to a personal project, a theme, a trend, a hidden talent, an event ... .everything is allowed within the limits of being politically correct.

From DIY projects & new usages to geek culture,passions are unleashed and let free. Xin shared his interest for urban agriculture & hydroponics. After having approached aesthetics in video games with Florent, we participated in a demonstration of Minecraft orchestrated by Alban before discovering thanks to Arnaud the impact of strategic thinking in Chinese antiquity.

The programming of the next few weeks are already very dense. Speedrunning, Blacksmiths & Blacksmiths, brain-machine interfaces ... we have not finished being surprised.

We promise, to share with you our favorite theme, there are so many interesting details for you discover !



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