Strategy and Research


The details are not the details. These make the design. Charles Eames

Design is a problem-solving oriented discipline. This is why the first stage consists of formalizing the strategy and identifying user problems, in order to align them and identify gaps and innovate in the search of solutions.


What is the system expected to do? How does it work with the other physical or digital contact points? What is its value proposition and what is the expected user behavior? How do we measure the ROI and define the key performance indicators?

The answers to these questions, obtained in interviews with the stakeholders and in workshops with the client, serve as a basis for reflection and the development of an experience strategy.

User Research

Who are the users? What do they do? What do they think? What do they feel? What motivates them?

We believe that knowing users and their expectations is key to designing a good user experience. We use multiple tools and methods to understand them the best way possible, including surveys, interviews, in situ observations, diaries, card sorting sessions, and secondary research. The collected evidence allows to bring to light their different behaviors and formalize them with personas that serve as a reference throughout the project.




Aligning the users' behavior to the client's information and service offering, reveals opportunities to create a differentiating experience in line with the global strategy.