Hello Tomorrow : we were there !

By Pauline 02-07-2015


Thank you all for your participation at our workshops !

We were more than 3000 people at the « Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie » on Thursday, June 25th and Friday, June 26th to attend the different conferences of the Hello Tomorrow Conference event.

More than 160 registered people at our two workshops :

- The first one untitled « Design Thinking supportive disruptive technologie » where Cédric André-Masse, Customer Innovation Manager, came to share his experience on the user-centered design. We have presented the « 5 Whys » method in order to better understand the reasons that lead our actions. A case study has been done by the atendees about daily commute.

#HTC2015 Day2: 'Design thinking supporting disruptive technologies' workshop. @airfrance tells us about smoothing the customers' experience.

- The second workshop « How to build an impactful product from a technology without missing the point » has been introduced by Patrick Perlmutter, Head of User Experience at Infinite and UX Coop Founder, that came to explain us his experience about user tests. This workshop was dedicated to the startups to better understand  how to focus their efforts on the user needs. One of the exercice was to compare the company values and the user experience of a product or a service.

We had the pleasure to have a full room of attendees for those workshops and an important flow of people arriving while the workshop was already started. The idea was to be able to interact with his neighbour of the day, to share his experience and to draw conclusions in order to implement them in their own project.

Connection, sharing, interactivity were the key words of these workshops. Good spirit and professionalism were gathered on this Friday afternoon.

We are proud to be partners of this 2015 edition.
We will see you next year!





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