PhD Students professional insertion

By Pauline 23-10-2015


APEC Conference

A recent study showed the difficulties of the professional insertion of the PhD students. Actually, the number of PhD students looking for a job in France is higher than the european average with 48% of unemployees. Regarding the alarming figures, it’s becoming urgent to facilitate the insertion of the doctors in the labor market.

Therefore, we observe that from 4 to 6 years after the obtention of their diploma, the doctors without a job are 41% to look for a new job, due to the nature of their employment contract. Indeed, short term contracts predominate with 69% against 30% of long term contracts. (Source : Etude Jeune docteurs APEC)

This is the reason why af83 have decided to talk at the APEC conference organized at Cergy-Pontoise University in front of a hundred of PhD students, on Thursday, October 15th. By his side, there was two research centers that had complementary needs to the agency.

At this occasion, Sylvie France wished to « show to the PhD students all the possibilities that can afford to them outside of the public sector ».
In fact, one of the study on the subject shows that the main professional outlet initialy chosen are the R&D and the public higher education. However, the field of activity has only 2000 jobs available for 12 000 doctors. (Source : Le Monde – Juin 2015)

Thereby, the transition in the private sector is not the outlet the more natural but they are not rejected it at all. So, 52% of them working in the public research sector should be ready to integrate an job in the private research and in the R&D sectors.

That’s why, the representant of the company would like to show how an agency as af83 has a strong culture of R&D and can also be an opportunity for them. Today, the digital professions offer wide possibilities with a large panel of clients and various problematics.

The PhD students skills are totally correlated with the market needs and a field of possibilities is open to them at the end of their thesis. In fact, they have this abilty to analyze datas, to structure a project and to write in order to dissemninate knowledge. They have a quick comprehension of the new transversal approaches and an open-mindness. And beyond the technical and scientific expertises, the PhD students have a palatability to federate the teams around them on a R&D project. They could give the energy, the impulsion, and participate to the « working together » aspect thanks to their adaptability capacities.


At the end of this case study, we can confirm that the more the private sector will be present near the PhD students, the more it will facilitate their employability. The universities accompanied by APEC have realized that and will organize more meetings like this. af83 guarantees its support.








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