RealtimeConf Europe: the new trends of the Real-time Web

By Bruno 02-05-2013


af83 is proud to have been a partner of RealtimeConf that gathered, for the first time in Europe, a large panel of experts on bleeding-edge technologies to discuss, exchange and inspire new ideas around the real-time Web. Bruno Michel, af83’s CTO, participated in the event held in Lyon last week. Here he shares his thoughts on the event and the emerging trends

The presence of an excellent speaker lineup and vibrant audience contributed to the success and quality of the event. The presentations ranged from practical (feedback on WebSockets, using http-proxy in Node.js) to more theoretical (WOOT algorithm for collaborative editing of texts, presentation of DiscoRank, a custom version of PageRank used by SoundCloud to improve the discovery of songs, playlists and users).

This event was an opportunity to address traditional topics like the relevance of having conventions, serialization formats or security, as well as highlight some major trends:

- The NoSQL world keeps gaining momentum, with Redis and ElasticSearch now part of the default stack of many companies.

- As far as programming languages, Go and Node.JS are trending.

- There’s increased interest in Reactive programming, in particular as a reaction against the “callback hell” in JavaScript.

- ZeroMQ is often cited as a disruptive component in back-end design, offering unprecedented possibilities of ad-hoc connections.

- WebRTC is THE technology of this year. Between getUserMedia, which offers a way to capture audio or video streams from a webcam by example, and P2P communication, WebRTC will change the way we think of real-time web apps.

We came back from this year’s edition with many new ideas for our clients.



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