Open Source


Open Source is in our DNA. We’re active advocates, users and contributors of Open Source technologies and practices.

We believe Open Source communities and editors develop together highly innovative and high-quality tools, which surpass proprietary ones on many levels. Thanks to Open Source, we’re in control of the code, which means we can perfectly tailor existing solutions to our client needs. Over the years, we’ve actively contributed to the open source world and continue doing so to this day:

  • U.C.Engine, an Open Source framework designed and developed by our R&D team that provides tools to build real-time collaboration applications.
  • Turbulences, a project aiming at creating the next generation of interoperable and decentralized social networks. With notable partners on board, such as Orange and Télécom Paris Tech, af83 had the project lead and was in charge of the development and implementation of the platform’s technical architecture.
  • Contributions to the Ruby community: publishing articles, co-developing gems, and more. af83 is also the first company member of the Ruby France association.
  • Active presence on Github: over 80 public repositories and one of the most followed French companies.

Some of our our clients also publish under an Open Source license, such as Open GPL or MIT, the code we've written for them – like on the project The Ebook Alternative.

We’re passionate about exchanging and sharing with the world. We take part – as sponsors, organizers, facilitators, hosts, or speakers – in various events and conferences.