2011 Mongo France Meeting

By Marie 11-03-2011


af83 is happy to announce that the 2011 Mongo France Meeting will take place in La Cantine on March, 23rd. The first session took place last year in June in Paris and gathered an audience interested in knowing more about MongoDB development and features.

Luc-Pascal Ceccaldi, Development Team Leader chez af83, attended the conference last June. He has found "especially interesting the presentation about MongoDB administration" and appreciated "the balance between field experience and more technical talks about operating MongoDB itself ".

This conference will be the opportunity to meet again a part of the MongoDB team, but also some other users of this NoSQL solution. The MongoDB engineers will hold various presentations and lectures about administration, indexing, sharding and many other subjects. Some members of U.C.Engine and SuperMarmite teams as well as other users of the database will be speaking during the day.

According to Cyril Mougel, developer of SuperMarmite a geo localized social network for foodies, who will attend the event in March "with MongoDB, there’s no need for many different back-ends. With one you can handle the future growth of workload, horizontal deployment and geo localization." In his opinion, the conference is not to be missed: "In one day you can meet every key user of MongoDB in France and the MongoDB development team. If you’re asking yourself questions, you’re sure to get an answer on this day ".

MongoDB is a key partner for afterSQL, the newly born af83’s service offer dedicated to NoSQL; its team will of course take part in the event, with Ori Pekelman, af83 CTO, among others.

af83, sponsor of Mongo France 2011, will welcome the attendants and speakers in its premises for the after party at the end of the day!

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