A look back at Pulse by af83 for Futur en Seine 2012

By Marie 25-06-2012


For the 2012 edition of Futur en Seine, last Wednesday af83 organized at its premises Pulse, a UX workshop open to everyone. On the doors opening, the first attendees started entering under our office’s awesome glass roof, ready for a flight with the af83 crew towards tomorrow’s service.

After the introductory brainstorming, the attendees split into five teams, each one accompanied by one of our UX experts, for the hands-on part of the evening: inventing and writing down the use case scenario, choosing the device (mobile, tablet or a conceptual one), and designing and creating paper prototypes of the applications.

In a casual but productive atmosphere, everyone got highly involved and exchanged both within the teams and during the general gatherings. A food and drink break allowed the attendees and af83 crew to regain strengths to put the finishing touches to the prototypes before the final demos.

Based on the theme "Accessing information in a mobility situation," the five teams envisioned different applications on several devices – from mobile apps for road-surfing, or capturing and getting information on one’s environment, a tablet application for augmented reality walks to local, collaborative and interactive info terminals, and a discovery block interacting with a child’s environment.

A lot of ideas, deep interest and, of course, a healthy dose of creativity, leading to a strong dynamic driving the whole workshop" reflect Laure Garreau, UX Designer, and Mathilde Maitre, Lead UX Designer at af83. "There were a lot of different profiles (students, marketers, developers, project managers…), all eager to tinker with user-centered design approaches. And they all got hooked on paper prototyping!"

Find the project presentations on the af83 blog, and all the pictures of the event on the dedicated Pinterest board.



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