af83 at TechDays

By Marie 14-02-2011


The Microsoft TechDays have been gathering for almost 5 years developers, decision-makers and IT people to train and keep themselves informed about the latest trends during 3 days in Paris convention center. af83 took part in this event, with Bruno Michel, R&D Lead Developer, who led or co led 2 talks.

« 45 technologies in 45 minutes » was an overview of the most interesting and promising Open Source technologies and projects spotted by af83’s teams’ watch. The themes were diverse, from NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Webdis) to JavaScript libraries (backbone.js, TreeSaver, Depthjs), including git (TortoiseGit, Git Extensions) and P2P (Bitcoin, Seeks) as well as HTTP (htty, spore, WebHookIt). The presentation is available online, so as a write-up by one of the attending developers.

« JavaScript in all its guises », with Yann Schwartz, Technical Architect at SGCIB and Polom, specialist in Microsoft technologies, was the opportunity to get onto what can or could offer in the future this fifteen years old language through various project; for example Coffeescript, a programming language that compiles to Javascript, node.js an asynchronous server-side JavaScript environment, or encore Rx reactive extensions a library allowing a simpler handling of events using observable collections.

According to Bruno Michel « the world of Free Software can bring a lot to developers, in terms of inspiration, libraries or tools. Those talks at TechDays are a great example of Microsoft becoming aware that openness is important. I was really pleased to have the opportunity to show new solutions and uses to an audience of interested developers. »



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