af83 at Vivatech, 4th edition

By Romain 23-05-2019


From 16 to 18 May 2019, af83 was present for the 4th consecutive year at Viva Technology, we offer you feedback from the point of view of our team.

af83 at Vivatech, 4th edition

Viva Technology is a tradeshow dedicated to technological innovation and start-ups that has been held in Paris since 2016 at the initiative of the Les Échos and Publicis groups. It is strengthened each year with an international aura to echo the most emblematic exhibitions such as the CES in Las Vegas or the SXSW in Austin.
Since the beginning of the event, af83 has had a presence at Vivatech on the days dedicated to professionals. A delegation of 4 people organized in 2 teams went to meet the different actors, in order to be more dynamic than in a stand as we usually had.


Were attending: Emilie Collet, Director of Strategic Development and Louis Montagne, President, invited by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté  region to participate in the 2019 edition of Crunch Time. The opportunity to strengthen exchanges with some of our customers and partners (Grand Est, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, La Poste, etc.).

#openinnovation #opendata sur ⁦@dijon⁩ #challenges pour développer les nouveaux services cc: ⁦@af83⁩ ⁦@Citelum⁩ #vivatech

— Louis Montagne (@xpoxpo) 16 mai 2019

Two of our technical experts in the field of mobility were also attending: Luc Donnet ( Assistant Technical Director) and François Marceau ( EnRoute Product Manager) were again well supported this year with the many representatives of the sector and all its diversity.



Nos experts #enRoute @ldonnet et @marceaufra à #VIVATECH. Conférence très intéressante aujourd'hui par @opendatasoft sur #SmartCity

— enRoute_mobi (@enRoute_mobi) 17 mai 2019



This year's highlights

The presence of the DGA (Directorate-General for Armaments) for the first time with impressive equipment and demonstrations (see their announcement (announcement).




The gradual introduction of neurotechnologies
  • Dreem, for sleep, which had an impressive closed demonstration space
  • Omind for cognitive assessment and personalised support
  • UrgoNight which has just pre-launched its product to facilitate sleep

Un aperçu du stand Open Mind Innovation



The organization in a larger space allowed a better distribution of the stands
  • Hall 2 hosted a space dedicated to Green Tech
  • The use of the large corridor between the two halls for demonstrations
  • The Paris dome for the plenary sessions and an exclusive concert by The Avener at the end of the last day

Un aperçu du Hall 1



The GAFAs have focused on articulating their ethical principles.
Shout-out to Qwant located in front of the huge Google and Facebook stands, with many informative graphics on the processing of personal data and the availability of its "digital detox" kit.
A greater international presence (21 foreign pavilions) and a strengthening of the French Tech regions.
Finally, the conference program, pitch, meeting place and the largest hackathon in Europe all make you dizzy. The exhibition park welcomed more than 120,000 visitors in 3 days. A gigantic ant farm!





Saturday, general public day

Many unusual and high-tech objects were present to attract the curiosity of the general public and take us to a more or less near future: the Aeromobil, flying car, the Hovertaxi, helicopter-drone, the citroën urban concept car, robots of all kinds, exoskeleton, without forgetting the many experiments in immersive realities and other demonstrators such as the simulator of a SNCF train driver's station.

We will also note the demonstration of a surgical robot. The American giant AT&T even brought a Batmobile for the 80th anniversary of the superhero of the same name.

The children were not to be forgotten with numerous code learning workshops, a whole playground in Hall 2, up to the medieval quest of the South region through the educational game playzz.


The presence of Romain, our Creative Tech in Valeo's space, coincided with the presence of the Minister of Trnasport, Elisabeth BORNE, on the saturday. The current situation is quite busy at the moment, particularly between the draft law on orientation of mobility (LOM) and the France Mobilités initiative.


Our partner Valeo welcomed the Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne on her stand.


All sectors are represented, enough to satisfy everyone's expectations and amazement.


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