af83 creates France Télévisions’ real-time information platform

By Marie 14-11-2011


We are happy to announce that francetv info – the new real-time information platform of France Télévisions – will be live tomorrow. France Télévisions is one of the leading French television broadcasters.

af83 designed and developed the entire web platform:

  • On the user experience front, we designed a real-time content management system allowing journalists to efficiently drill down into and monitor the massive amount of content on the web, and pick out only the fresh, relevant bits for francetv info’s continuous information feed.
  • Utilizing the latest and most cutting-edge technologies, we delivered to France Télévisions a platform capable of serving real-time information to a million simultaneous users, while offering a connected and integrated experience across web browsers, mobiles, tablets, and even connected TVs.
  • Designed as a social platform that turns users into contributors, the platform allows for commenting, sending photos and videos, sharing on social networks, and more.

The iPhone application, developed in collaboration with our partner Applidium, is available today. The website will go live on Tuesday, November 15th.

Stay tuned to our site and dev blog for more information on the project.

Check out the official press release of France Télévisions for all the details.

Update: The website is now live. Visit to see it in action!

Image source: © France Télévisions, 14/11/11



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