af83 involved in the French Golang community

By Marie 23-01-2013


Golang is a compiled and concurrent Open Source programming language created by Google in 2009. Its first stable release took place in April 2012 – it is quite young yet, and the French community is emerging and trying to structure itself.

What does our CTO Bruno Michel think about Golang? "When two of the UNIX founding fathers (Ken Thompson and Rob Pike) work together to create a new programming language, one can foresee many opportunities. We find in Golang all of UNIX good sense, allowing programs evolution by constituting sub-components. So we have a great interest for Golang, for our most complex projects."

Enthusiast as always for technology and Open Source, we couldn’t miss looking at this initiative and getting involved in spreading it... Let’s have a look back at a full year 2012!

Last September 26th, as host and sponsor, we’ve welcomed ParisGo in our open space. The evening agenda held two sessions:
- "Introduction to the Go programming language", by Bruno Michel
- "Event-source as a proxy", by Mathieu Lecarme , former af83 member and currently developer at Bearstech

Bruno also gave another talk on the occasion of OSDCfr 2012, during the fifth Open World Forum edition (that took place in Paris from October 11th to 13th). Entitled "Let’s make gophers work together", it aimed at showing how Go could help resolving concurrency issues.

Finally, we hosted and sponsored the Paris GDG (Google Developer Group) meetup of November, which was entirely dedicated to this language. The registrations were close a few hours only after their opening, proving the interest for this topic and the scheduled speaker: Andrew Gerrand, Go Team member from Google Sydney, who was joined on stage by Brad Fitzpatrick, Go Team member from Google San Francisco and behind many Open Source projects such as memcached or OpenID. Their two talks were followed with full attention by the 60 or so attendants, and generated many questions. The after-conference was also rich in exchanges and discussions.

In 2013 we plan on forging ahead with our involvement, with an already planned session during a Go event organized by the GDG Nantes on February 19th... and many more to come!



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