af83 meets tomorrow's designers

By Alexandre 16-03-2018


Af83 meets on a regular basis the new generation of developers and designers at various events. Let’s take a look back on two of those days at the Ecole Estienne and the Ecole Multimedia and on the relationship between af83 and the places for sharing and learning.

Last November, af83 had the opportunity through its developers to be a member of a jury at the Ecole Multimedia (Development and Design business school) for an oral defense of training application developers. Our developpers were able to face the new approach of tomorrow’s programmers with their professional requirements and their discipline.

And more recently, two of our designers went to the Ecole Estienne to talk to design digital creation post-graduates. They introduced them to our vision of User Experience, the basis of af83’s approach.

We always enjoy the prospect of meeting the new generation and sharing with them. It’s the moment to witness how different generations visualize and assimilate their jobs. To keep contact with schools is also a way to keep your ideas fresh, which is an added value in a business sector where self-questionning is implied to a key approach based on pragmatism.

Concerned and conscious of the necessity to confront point of views in order to progress even more, we do support moments where we can share, as much by our investment in initial and continuous training than by our will to nurture these privileged spaces of professional communication, at the crossroads of renewed perceptions.



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