af83 presents U.C.Engine at the Erlang Factory 2011

By Marie 28-03-2011


After a preview on January 6th at the 2011 edition of FOSDEM, af83 officially launches its Open Source project and chooses an event by and for the developers’ community to present the code and the technology.

U.C.Engine is an Open Source project, with an Erlang-developed core, which provides developers with the tools they need to build reliable and customized real-time collaboration applications. U.C.Engine enables the development of a huge variety of real time collaboration applications: Web meeting, Conference, Live concert, E-learning, Brainstorm, Project management, Customer service, Games, and many others... U.C.Engine offers a wide range of opportunities, and meets the different needs of its users!

Alexandre Eisenchteter, af83’s COO, and François de Metz, Lead Developer, realized on March 24th in San Francisco a demo of U.C.Engine, followed by a workshop to quickly create customized real-time collaboration application. Alexandre Eisenchteter also hold a talk dealing with how ease the creation of a strong community for projects implementing Erlang.

The Open Source has its own website:, where the code, an online demo, and other resources are available. The slideshare of the U.C.Engine presentation at FOSDEM is also available online.

The third edition of the Erlang Factory, the biggest event of the Erlang community, took place from March 21st to March 25th in San Francisco. This event gathers persons who matters, Erlang developers and experts, and is the opportunity to attend high level talks held by Erlang experts, to get knowledge of evolutions, projects, and meet the Erlang community.

Erlang is a functional concurrent real-time and distributed programming language created in 1987 by Joe Armstrong and Robert virding for Ericsson. It was published under Open Source license in 1998. Designed to meet the telecommunications’ industry requirements, it’s fault-tolerant and offers features such as hot swapping that allow the development of high-availability applications.



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