af83 proudly welcomes the first Elixir Meetup!

By Caroline 12-07-2013


During 4th July evening, around twenty persons, members of “Paris ex” gathered in af83 offices for this first Elixir Meetup edition. It was a great success and a nice moment of sharing and exchange around Elixir, a programming language halfway between Erlang and Ruby…

Bruno Michel, our CTO, who co-organized this first meetup, is convinced by this language quality: “From Erlang, it took all the power of its virtual machine, like for example the possibility to do hot code swapping. But José Valim, its creator, also tried to give Elixir all every developer can expect from a modern programming language: easy character string management, metaprogramming, a nice syntax, useful tools, and so on… It’s only a simplistic vision of Elixir, because it also borrowed other languages characteristics (like Python docstrings, or Clojure mix), but it gives a little context on the language. It’s still young, but I find it really interesting already!”

The meetup was organized in two parts:

First of all, the evening started with an interesting talk of Arnaud Wetzel (@arnaudwetzel), from shopping adventure: starting with Erlang, he showed progressively the path to Elixir. Then he presented a library he’s currently developing, allowing to easily use WebMachine with Elixir.

Then the audience gathered in a casual atmosphere to exchange on Elixir pros and cons. “The meeting of developers from the Erlang ecosystem and developers using dynamic languages such as Ruby or JavaScript was really prolific and gave a lot of ideas to everyone” said afterwards Bruno Michel.

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