af83 supports EuroIA 2016!

By Ilana 15-06-2016


On September 22nd, the twelfth event’s edition will open in the center of Amsterdam. This year main theme? ”Connected objects among us”… Quite the program!

This conference sets up in a different city each year, and is one of the more important dedicated to the Information Architecture and the User Experience at European level.  

Fields and skills that are our very DNA: this is why we had to support this major event again this year, and we are very proud to be Gold Sponsor in 2016! Members of our Design department will be there too during the conference from 22 to 24 September. Don’t hesitate to come and talk with them!

During these three days, several well-known speakers will share their experience through different formats: workshops, conferences and lightning talks...

The workshops are divided in four topics: Information Architecture basics, User Experience contents and design, the connected world and finally strategy and management.

Moreover, the conferences will focus on specific topics, such as the connected devices boom and usage in our ecosystem; contents adaptation to different channels; digital transformation and the value of a better user experience. But also: data privacy, challenges of designing user experience for different formats, and many other subjects.

Dedicated to an international professional community, EuroIA is a meeting and talk space, putting forward the best of the academic research and practical cases within organizations of various sizes. It’s the true mirror of the  knowledge progress and state of the art progresses in this field.

Check all the details of the conference on their website, as well as on their twitter account @euroiaFacebook page or LinkedIn.



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af83 supports EuroIA 2016!

By Ilana 15-06-2016