af83, transportation and mobility

By Arnaud 12-12-2017

af83 was present all along during the Assises de la Mobilité, especially on Novembre 24th.

We found a moment to assess the inclusion of our projects in more global perspectives during the full session of the Assises de la Mobilité on November 24th. Both contexts indeed, on a national level with the coming Orientation de la Mobilité law, and on a european and international level with rewarding relations, allowed it.

The state of play revealed itself as being extremely positive for us.

For the past two years, our approach on new means of transportation has indeed benefited of a unique position at the crossroads between the issues of transportation data orchestration and the HMI design of the vehicle.

If some projects for premium manufacturers will have to stay – for now – private, the time we invested with Valéo on the HMI of self-driving vehicles has formed one of these beautiful (3 year-long) projects which include us entirely in two leading matters explicitly specified during the session: The autonomous and connected car.

It was the opportunity to mention the unique offers which are the base of af83’s vision. According to us, the issues of design affect a qualitative commitment based on cultures and codes shared among individuals – BX Design and UX Design – as much as the global orchestration and necessary data, referentials and API hamonisation which helps the sharing between information systems, AIs etc...

We’ll come back to that.

Nevertheless, our projects linked to the autonomous vehicule have an interest in the inclusion of those coming mobility offers in today’s world of transportation. A vast topic in which our projects for Ile-de-France Mobilité or RATP Dev – projects to be redistributed to open source – put us in a clear position where tomorrow’s mobility will reveal its real value: interoperability and multimodality.

Two topics on which af83 has still a lot to talk about very soon



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