An af83-made project on the stage of Divan du Monde!

By Marie 29-11-2012


The third *di*/zaïn evening that will be taking place this next December 4th at Divan du Monde will be dedicated to all the digital writing forms. It will be the opportunity to take a look at the creations and broadcasting and editing tools of authors, publishers and producers for their poetic, playful, innovative… uses.

And TLHUB will be amongst the 10 projects involving digital practices and opportunities that will be displayed. Driven and funded by the European Society of Authors (SEuA), TLHUB is an innovative platform for collaborative translation that we have designed and developed. Camille Bloomfield, in charge of the project within the SEuA, will be there to talk about the project concept, its implementation, and the Beta version currently available online.

Of course our UX team couldn’t miss this event, and will be well represented in the audience next Tuesday! If you want to be there too, you can still register online for this event. More info on our work on TLHUB on the project dedicated page.

*di*/zaïn allows designers presenting their design approach in public through regular meetings of 100 minutes. It aims at sparking off exchanges between designers, artists, agencies, companies, design schools, cultural institutions and anyone interested by project creation process.

The European Society of Authors (SEuA) is an organization whose goal is to promote translation networks in the literary circles across Europe, and contribute to the building of a European identity.



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