BaRuCo 2013, we were there!

By Caroline 20-09-2013


A key date in the European Ruby community schedule, the 2013 BaRuCo conference took place the September 14th and 15th in Barcelona

The Barcelona Ruby Conference is run by Codegram Technologies, a Ruby/Rails shop from Barcelona. They are quite committed to the open-source community - their most known contributions are Spinach and rack-webconsole, as well as the Zed Shaw's Programming Motherfucker Manifesto.

On September 14th and 15th was held the 2013 edition of BaRuCo (Barcelona Ruby Conference). With more than 600 attendees, this conference imposed itself as one of the biggest for the European Ruby community… Of course we couldn’t miss it!

So 3 lucky guys from our Dev team spent their week-end in Barcelona, to attend the talks and of course enjoy the splendid surroundings and way of life. They found the sessions varied but on their majority of very good level.

“Of course we particularly liked “Changing your world” by Matz (the creator of de Ruby), where he explained us that programming languages shape our way of thinking, and that he had the opportunity to brainwash us with Ruby!” confides Bruno Michel, af83 CTO.

They also took part to many other sessions, some of them really technical (on the Ruby Garbage collector evolutions for example) or focused on team work: they were encouraged to do pair programming, impose themselves stric coding rule or even using conception patterns to improve communication within the team.

Their final words? “We came back with the head full of ideas we can’t wait to try and implement on our current and future projects!”



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