Bonjour SxSW

By Pauline 03-03-2014


Strengthening the French presence with the Club France in Austin for SxSW 2014!

Bonjour SxSW, this is the initiative of 3 co-founders, Louis Montagne with af83, Cédric Giorgi with Cookening and Anthony Gongora with Sounderbox, that wanted to gather the French community under a same banner, the Club France to reinforce the French Tech visibility such as other countries.

A unique place where, during all the week dedicated to Interactive, French cooked brunches will alternate with conferences, pitches and panels presented by French and international start-ups. Finally, concert will close the day and allow people to meet around music, initial theme of the SxSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

SxSW is an American Festival, located in Austin, with 3 themes: music, interactive and movies. It quickly becomes a must for those three industries. The mix up of them generates an incredible acceleration and novelty effect.

  • Two weeks, more than 300 000 people, 2200 music groups in more than 150 rooms, more than 200 movies presented, new versions lunches, new applications…
  • Participants and companies coming from more than 50 different countries
  • Conferences gathering more than 70000 people, which 23% are decision makers
  • Workshops, evening parties, special events organized outside by market players

SxSW is an incredible place to get, at the same time, international visibility and meet key players in its field of activity, keeping the access to the General Public, greedy of innovation, technology and new ways of doing/uses.

A lot of partners will be here and active around this initiative, numerical animation, furniture but also coordination, and financial support will allow this project to exist.



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