Breakfast about the challenges of the digital transformation

By Pauline 25-09-2015


Feadback about the event: the use of the API and the usecases of RMN-GP and France TV

On Thursday, September 24th, took place our Breakfast-Event about digital transformation's stakes, through APIs use.

Many guests attended the introduction about the API by Jérôme Andrieux, Engineering VP, and the presentation of the usecases made by our agency.

Thus, we had the honor to welcome Isabelle Reusa from the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN-GP) and Christophe Momboisse from France Television that have presented their projects about digital transformation.
In fact, those projects allow their work and their relation with their final users to evolve.

At this occasion, we could deepen the topic of the API (Application Programming Interface), a essential system in the digital transformation. It’s an simplified interface allowing the acces to a software platforme (data base or complete system) by which a software offers services to other softwares.

Thereby, the RMN-GP could, thanks to the agiles methods, reach its main goal that was to open its library to the general public via this API.

Regarding France TV, their goal was to create a plateforme live in real time, allowing a reactivity with the audience, and interconnected with the web. So, they created a modular and evolutive system built aroud the central API.
Today, France TV info is in the Top 5 of the News Live Platform the most consulted in France and overall this is the News Platform the most consulted for a company that is not coming from the Print Media.

Project Management, Design, Graphics, Development and daily follow up allowed a precise outcome of the project, step by step, by the iterations and adjustements made to achieve the expected result.

Then, those presentations have been followed by a moment of conviviality and networking around pastries.

We want to thank the speakers of the RMN-GP and France Televisions and all the participants to this breakfast-event.
We are waiting for you for our next event mid-November !






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