Bringing Better E-commerce to Drupal - Commerce Guys Goes International

By Lum 18-07-2010


af83 SAS and Commerce Guys LLC are announcing the launch of a joint venture. The new company will retain the Commerce Guys brand (, and devotion to Drupal as an e-commerce platform.

The new team’s goals include an e-commerce platform for Drupal 7 aiming at global leadership on e-commerce open source solutions. Commerce Guys will continue to help Drupal’s growth through full-time community contributors, and build international support offering for the more than 17,000 e-commerce web sites built with Drupal.

The new Commerce Guys will be headquartered in Paris, with offices in Jackson, Michigan and San Francisco, California. Today, the company employs 16 people, many of whom are globally recognized experts in Drupal and e-commerce.

Dries Buytaert, Drupal founder and project lead, commented: "I believe it's great news for the Drupal Community. Drupal definitely has all that it takes to shine on the ecommerce market."

Mike O’Connor, cofounder of Commerce Guys LLC and CEO US of the new Commerce Guys: “Through this joint venture with af83, Commerce Guys is reaching a new step of its short history, we have now more talents and firepower to reach our goal of making Drupal the best open source e-commerce platform globally.”

Frédéric Plais, CEO of Commerce Guys: “Drupal has a lot to offer to the merchants of the Internet: social ecommerce, amazing SEO, efficient content handling, scalability, totally open API, robust e-commerce modules... Our mission is to provide the e-commerce players all they need to benefit from the power of Drupal.”


Email: pr AT commerceguys DOT com
France: Frédéric Plais, CEO - +33 1 40 09 30 00
US: Mike O’Connor, US CEO - +1 888-827-7142



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