CIN: af83 selected with "O Tempora"

By Ilana 10-02-2016


O Tempora: improving travels

The "Concours d'Innovation Numérique" (CIN) is an excellence support plan in the digital field launched by Bpifrance and publicly funded by the "Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir” (PIA). This new excellence challenge is dedicated to innovating projects, mobilizing research and digital to develop a new product or service disrupting by its content, realization process, business model or experience. 

We are among the 22 selected candidates out of 134 in 2015 with our project “O Tempora”, as part of the theme "Travel better: city, tourism and mobility".

This project falls within global phenomenon such as metropolis growth, urban sprawl, peri-urbanisation and the amount of available transportation combination. They redefine proximity in large conurbations as a temporal and spatial stake. The question now is not anymore "How far is my work from my home?" but "Do I have the time to go there?" 

There are today multimodal route planners that select the displayed itineraries according to route times. But no robust and secure solution, actually usable in professional or large audience services, thinks the other way around: taking time as the main criteria, and geographical points as results.

This is why O Tempora is a unique service project that intends to improve travels in city and mobility. It’s designed for a large audience, and to become a B2B reference tool to build customized B2C services.

We will regularly keep you informed about the project's progress!



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