Feedback on the Jellyfish Project

By Ilana 10-09-2015


Occurence of the Glowee's event with the "Jellyfish Project"

In the aftermath of the Glowee's reopening-event, with Nicolas' and Arnaud's hudge jellyfish which was a real success, let's look back on this event...

The guests were welcomed at 50 Partners and discussed during the coktail.

Then, Sandra, Glowee's founder started her speech and explained her project in a room full of sea-depths atmosphere decoration.

" Glowee's activity does not stop at the research point, but focuses on the non-stop exploitation of the bioluminescence and on the different purposes it can have."

"We are conscious that the bioluminescence will not replace a security lighting, but we believe that it could have an illuminance scope very useful for various activities and decors."

« We have as a future project the illumination and decoration of big shops' windows such as Galeries Lafayettes within 2017." 

This conference generated a strong interest of the audience (composed in majority by the contributors of the fund raising) which did not hesitate to ask questions to Sandra regarding her activity and her ambitions.

At the end of this talk, the guests got in a "dark room", composed by different bioluminescent algae fragments. Those were sparkling once they were shaken by the visitors, producing an illuminance with varying degrees of intensity.

This funny and intriguing experience made Sandra share her passion with her audience.

Finally, the visitors enjoyed the giant jellyfish, making it move, change its color and creating a depths-sea sounds atmosphere.

Bravo to the designers and congratulations to Glowee !

Don't hesitate to follow the project's evolution on the social networks... #glowee



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