Hello Tomorrow Conference

By Pauline 10-07-2015


A conference rich with perspective...

This event focused on the future of innovation and technology, which was marked by conferences led by specialists in the various fields of health, food, transportation, energy and many more.

These two days of conferences showed us that we are already building the future. A future which appears to have been built on the curiosity and determination of pushing our capacities of society to new levels that were once only imagined in science fiction films.

Our feedback from some conferences which impressed us...

The conference “Traveling to the stars” with Professor David Miller, Rick Tumlinson and Xavier de Kestelier illustrated this topic by presenting the future homes for the astronauts on the moon. Which will be made from moon dust and a 3D Printer proposed by Foster+Partners and the European Space Agency. This proves that space is no longer the final frontier !

There was also an abundance of inspiring projects happening outside of the conference halls. Many exhibitors took up the capabilities of Oculus Rifts virtual capacities to showcase different scenarios of its’ usage and development. From Szhioprenia to the more amusing playing field of a cricket match, everything was represented.

All in all, Hello Tomorrow successfully highlighted the innovations which await us and also for the generations to come. Using technology as a means to solve the problems of today and to improve the future environments and way of life of tomorrow.

We are proud to be partners of this 2015 edition.
We look forward to seeing you next year!






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