Meetup Elixir: a casual but intensive second edition

By Caroline 05-09-2013


On August 27th, af83 opened once again its doors to host the second Elixir Meetup, an event dedicated to this programming language halfway between Erlang and Ruby.

Ori Pekelman (@OriPekelman) from Constellation Matrix began the evening with a presentation of dynamo, a simple and light web framework for Elixir designed by José Valim, the language creator. Dynamo, which is still quit young, doesn’t content itself with being an nth clone of Rails, and already offers quite innovative concepts, such as a rather elegant routing management thanks to its “forward” notion.

Then Arnaud Wetzel, (@arnaudwetzel) from shopping adventure, spoke on two interesting subjects: the Elixir interactive shell, and the release and hot code swapping mechanisms. He introduced firstly the interactive shell, which is a clever setup of the common Erlang shell. It allows having syntax highlighting and auto complete features.

In a second time, he described in detail the hot code swapping and releases mechanisms that are one of Erlang (and so Elixir’s) strengths, with a concrete example, a flight information display system for airports.

The evening ended with a casual exchange time, and everyone’s already waiting for the third Elixir Meetup!

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