Super Jellyfish !

By Ilana 03-09-2015


A new part of our fablab

In August, Nicolas Morand and Arnaud Huille, two designers from af83 worked on an explorative research : "Super Méduse".
This is linked to our Fablab approach and also give us the opportunity to work with innovating start-ups. 

In 2011, during his academic exchange in Oslo, Nicolas had achieved a monumental interactive device having the shape of a hudge jellyfish. The aim was to create the jellyfish’s environmental atmosphere : the movement, the light and the ocean depths’ sounds. 

In the continuity of this project, af83 wanted to support Glowee, an innovating start-up created 2 years ago by Sandra Rey, whose activity  is a personnal lighting’s setting-up, thanks to genetically modified bacteria with bioluminescence genes comming from jellyfishes.

Last June, Glowee organized a fund raising on Ulule at the end of which the company reached 136% of her objectives (plus de 40k €).

Then, in order to thank the numerous contributors to this fund raising, the company organizes an event on 9 September 2015 in the evening on the theme of « Diving at the heart of the sea universe » which will also permit to gather the community around Glowee. 

During this evening, a  jellyfish of 2 metres in diameter will hang by an elastic band, and will remind the sea depths thanks to lights and sounds.

 What a great way to start a new season !


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