Sylvie Daumal opens the 2013 Poitiers University Campus Européen d’Été

By Marie 16-09-2013


The 2013 edition of the Campus européen d'été (C2E), organized by the University of Poitiers and its partners, will take place from September 1th to 20th. This year theme is “UX design : The user experience in the service of learning?“. As a known figure of the French UX community, Sylvie Daumal brings her contribution to the event.

The 2013 Campus Européen d’Été broaches the User Experience matter under the original perspective of educational technologies: the event aims at questioning UX Design, with a critical approach, on its interactions with learning.

For Sylvie, a few hours only before launching the event, “it’s very interesting and meaningful that a typical university focuses on the opportunities and challenges of digital within the learning and training field, through the UX lens – a discipline that was until recently out of this field, and of universities themselves. »

What’s your point of view on digital and learning? “The burning issue becomes how in the future we’ll train people with heavy constraints we only begin to grasp:

  • The ever more quick shift of technologies and jobs
  • A prolonged professional life,
  • A geographical mobility through lifetime

This shifts, and many others, will force people to learn and train during all their lifetime - and schools to have a wide portfolio addressing all types of “students”. Combined with the predictable resources rarity (particularly energy), and the pressure for pollution reduction, it will favor digital services, and of course degrees that will strongly incorporate this aspect. Designers and schools now have to work closely together to think and design innovative experiences and efficient tools!”

What about the fact that the event doesn’t take place in Paris? “It attests that many interesting initiatives take place everywhere in France! And with a wide audience and strong local roots, it’s even better. Getting the opportunity to talk to students as well as researchers, company managers and regional authority directors is always very enriching and inspiring.”

More details on the event, and the agenda on



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