The fate of af83 and AUplaisir have come together to apply their expertise in improving user experience design with emotional satisfaction.

By Caroline 02-02-2017


Created 15 years ago, AUplaisir, is a design studio specialized in culture, luxury and innovation and it is our privilege to partner with them today as their team joined our open space a few months ago.

Sharing many values and common perspectives such as a desire to go beyond our limits, a mutual passion for innovation and discovering new usages and a sensibility for aestheticism.

At af83 we place the user’s experience at the heart of our approach; an approach to professional problematics which are functional and focused on "usage", as we apply our skills to develop and deploy ambitious digital transformative projects.

At AUplaisir, they share a different point of view. Working on projects which are based on the narrative of an image be it through digital technology, video or new media - their priority is to construct a strong aesthetic and to arouse feelings.

Our meeting thus appears as a natural progression with common points. Mostly, with a will to explore our differences, to combine our know-how and to widen our range of possibilities in order to create unforeseen interfaces, proposing the functional without forgetting the aesthetic vision and lastly creating emotional satisfaction which is intertwined within a pertinent user experience.

This partnership will allow us to propose more ambitious solutions to our customers thanks to a better vertical integration.



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