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By Arnaud 30-01-2018


Everything — almost everything! — revolves around design. The digital orchestration of smart mobility and its transformations are no exceptions. Consequently, af83 conceives and develops for Ile-de-France Mobilité, a regional transport offer aggregator, destined to be redistributed in open data. This project builds a major contribution to the baseline open source solution in the management of mobility data: Chouette.

 The User Club
Af83 co-organizes and leads with Aurige a quarterly meeting dedicated to current events linked to the solutions, for the User Club which is dedicated to it.
And all of this under the patronage of the French Multi-modal Information and Ticketing Agency (AFIMB), long-time promotor of the solution, as well as the Infrastructures, Transports and Sea Branch (DGITM).
A fortunate opportunity for various actors of this sector — Transdev, SNCF, Kisio, UTP, IdF-mobilité, but CarPostal or Actigraph as well — to share about the solution, its evolution and what the users expect from it.
So we offered to the community a first state of play of recent national and european developments and contributions to this project — including ours — as well as another thing, still in open source : a solution dedicated to the management of real-time multi-operator data named Edwig.

Chouette and NeTEX, the standard european format
Since IdF-Mobilité’s contribution, Chouette is currently the only open source solution integrating NeTEx, making it the favourite solution for transportation management data and planified offers entry.
Currently a standard in data transcoding formats, it suffered nevertheless from a long-time non-ergonomic data and offer production module.
Revised entirely, the design of this entry module is the offspring of a multi-disciplinary team — af83’s favorite teams — of designers and developers*.

Assises de la Mobilité, LOM, AOT et AOM
Economic and independent, Chouette constitutes a solution for transportation operators, such as the Transportation/Mobility Organizer Authority and for European states as well, for instance Norway and its national MSI (Multi-modal Information System), based on the same open source foundation and meant to extend to all of Scandinavia.
Conceived synergitically with European guidelines and by extension — we assume it is — with the next LOM (Mobility Orientation Law), discussed at the end of the Assises de la Mobilité, Chouette becomes an inescapable platform for the exchange, entry and management and validation of planned multi-format mobility offer data (NeTEX included).

One more thing… Edwig
Simultaneously, af83 develops for RATP Dev a multi-operator real-time transportation data-flow aggregator. Distributed in open source under the Apache 2 license, it is already available in SaaS at af83’s. Contact us for any questions!
An event will also soon take place on the operational handling of the tool, voluntarily practical, meant for start-ups such as AOT / AOM. Please contact us if you’re interested!
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