WebWorkers10 10/29/2010 - 10/30/2010

By Lum 21-10-2010


af83 will host a new WebWorkersCamp ( on Friday (15h to 18h)/Saturday (10h30 to 18h30), October 29th/30th in Paris (save the date!).

As for the previous edition, this BarCamp will be the occasion to exchange around the "fun/funny architectures" thematic: software architectures, real-time / distributed applications, decentralized social networks and all the components you need in your stack (NoSQL, asynchronous programming, messages queues...).

These are the topics we announce, but you are the campers and you make the event! Don't be shy, come and share!

Of course we are preparing some stuff, inviting some people... but the last edition shown us that some of the best working groups came from regular campers!

This WebWorkersCamp will take place in La Cantine (a famous Parisian tech place), about one month after the JSConf EU. With that and the Diaspora announcements, a specific accent will be put on the protocols and technologies that drive it. Webfinger, oAuth 2.0, Salmon protocol, oStatus.

Saturday 30th will be an all-day event in the usual friendly and somewhat chaotic Barcamp format, Friday afternoon is more specifically geared towards people who are interested in these new software architectures without necessarily being already experts in the domain, people who are interested in the value it can bring their businesses. The idea is to try to create a bridge between geeks and the enterprise. Jean-Paul Figer, president of Armosc,foremerly CTO of CapGemini is co-organising the event. The afternoon will be composed of five 30 minutes conferences with:

  • A panorama of the stack
  • NoSQL databases, Document, Graphe, Key Value
  • Asynchronous frameworks Node.js, Mongrel2, Event Machine etc..
  • REST APIs,and their effects on the global architecture, the cloud
  • Management of bleeding edge technologies in large it organisations

For more info on what we are planning and to register, visit the barcamp page.



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