Working remotely at af83

By Arnaud 09-05-2018


Ten years ago, we got equipped with a CSR Charter. Let’s take a look back on what we anticipated… and what we didn’t.

Our goal was to sustain the good things which were already set up in af83 at its creation, like protecting the environment, energy management and the general well-fare of the employees. But we also wanted to encourage new eco-friendly habits and  entrench sustainable development in our company.
Ten years later, a strong (yet unexpected) trend emerged… Teleworking.
This positive impact practise — employees well-fare and the environmental impact — is now an integral part of af83’s employer brand.
What do our colleagues have to say about it? Here’s a small tour of some of the testimonies we collected!

Reconciling personal and professional life

The most obvious perk about teleworking is being able to reconcile personal and professional life.
“This balance is a key element of the «af83 way to think». An employee who doesn’t feel good on’t be efficient in his work… I’ve been a teleworking enthusiast for the past 6 years (I’ve been working for af83 the last 18 months) it’s a working method which suits me just fine.” — Cyrielle, fonctional lead, Rennes.

A real productivity booster

Unlike what some employers fear, teleworking allows a real growth in productivity for some employees.
“Working in a quiet place is, at least for me it is, a true productivity booster. People are seldomly left to work without any interruptions for three hours straight when in a open space. At home it can happen (even if my cat tries to distract me by any means possible). You can get up at 8:00 and be at work at 8:04 (I leave enough time to brush my teeth)” — Johan, Ruby on Rails developer,  Bordeaux.

Un environnemental issue

Besides the economic et social dimension, teleworking implies a decrease of commute and of carbon dioxyde as well.
“[…] transportation, or the absence of transportation rather, is the main reason I wish to telework.” — Jeremy, developer, Montpellier.

Communication tools

To optimize the positive impact of telecorking, setting up top quality collaborative tools is becoming necessary.
“There is a lot of setting up to allow the introduction of teleworkers in the company (annual workshops, Slack to chat, SIP accounts for phone calls, Google Drive to share documents, Trello for project organisation, Wrike to share tasks, Hangout for video conferences…). As we speak, there is a good share of teleworkers amongst my colleagues, however the team works really well.” — Cyrielle, fonctional lead, Rennes.

There are difficulties however…

Let’s be clear, even in the best world possible, nothing is absolutely perfect.
“If we had to be totally honest, we miss on quite a bit when we’re teleworking! No coffee machine, no pastries during the weekly meetings, no foosball games with the coworkers…“ — Cyrielle, lead fonctionnel, Rennes.

What about you? What do you think?

While we’re waiting for downloadable dematerialized pastries or the digitalization of e-foosball, you can always take a look at our job offers… available for teleworkers!


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