We work on transforming products and places: we help our clients blending digital in their business, products and places, to be better connected than ever to their users.

We work on several fields of expertise:

  • Brand and Digital Communication Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Business Models Generation

Positioning brands

More than the product or service, today, what matters is the experience. This revolution has a deep impact on brands, which have to appropriate the Experience Design approaches. We know how to integrate this dimension into value propositions.

Managing change

The surge of digital into a business can have a strong impact. It has to be thought up and guided, through all the company levels.  Our experts help you identifying the key factors in business lines and organizations.

Creating new business models

Creativity in business models is more than ever critical to gain or maintain a competitive advantage. With approaches close to Design Thinking, our experts co-design new models to manage change.