Front-End Development


Our front-end work is the bridge between our UX design and back-end development work. Our experts work as one team to render highly usable the services and experiences our clients offer to their users.

Interfaces have come a long way, going from being purely ornamental to dynamic and responsive. Today, it’s not just about integrating templates anymore, but true development. And that's why we implement on the front-side too our development best practices and powerful technologies.

We use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features to bring to life the final designs, and leverage the most powerful JavaScript frameworks and libraries, like Backbone.js, to deliver smooth and responsive interfaces.

Responsive Design

We apply the principles of Responsive Design to deliver the same experience quality and coherence to all platform or device — our interfaces adapt themselves to the different devices and screen sizes.

We craft them following a set of  semantics and tagging best practices to ensure an optimum ranking. We create interfaces compliant with the most stringent international accessibility standards, ensuring optimal access to all users.