af83 started out as a web agency, and as such we’ve been at the frontier of web development since the very first day.

We’ve developed over 100 custom web products and services for our clients. We are passionate about and frequently undertake business-critical and technically challenging projects. We’ve worked with amazing clients to create online services and experiences that elegantly meet new user needs.

We are known for our agile processes based on Scrum, as well as working at the bleeding edge of web technologies and standards like HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Go, NoSQL solutions...

Our R&D team continuously explores new options to keep our clients in sync with the latest technologies and give them an edge for the future.

We’ve always had a preference and passion for powerful, disruptive solutions and this has always led us to Open Source technologies – we’ve been proud open source-rs since day one! In addition, we frequently produce or contribute to such technologies ourselves.

Platform-agnostic development

We apply the same time-tested agile approach to our mobile development that has helped us become a leader in the web development world. We leverage our expertise of front-end development, thanks to the most cutting-edge web technologies and standards – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript frameworks and more – to create cross-platform mobile applications that are beautiful, rich and easy to maintain.