User Research and Screens Redesign


As part of the reorganization of its users’ ground journey, Air France has launched a reflection on the travelers and luggage check-in process. The dedicated interactive kiosks were affected first and foremost, with the key objective to improve them both technically and on the user experience.


af83 was tasked with two missions by the airline company:

  • First, making the diagnostic of the usability issues and suggest recommendations to follow for the next-generation kiosk design
  • Second, design and integrate in an iterative approach the new screens and workflows.


Our intervention consisted of:

  • Plunging ourselves in the very specific context of airport facilities, to decrypt it: space organization, travelers stress level, time management and staff role…
  • Gathering both quantitative (failure rate, use time, assistance request…) and qualitative (staff and travelers interviews, pictures, competition research…) observations
  • Bringing out the travelers mental models in order to reveal the different personas
  • Offering recommendations taking into account the overall experience to improve significantly the travelers’ experience: client journey, space and product design, interaction design, ergonomic, visual design…

In the second phase, we’ve implemented these recommendations working on a first set of key workflows and screen. We’ve then integrated them in HTML and CSS, with animations to present how work some components of the kiosk, like the passport scanner. We continue to work on new sets of screens, in an iterative process in close collaboration with our client teams.


Our designers have brought out three big user profiles, each of them with their specific experience map. We’ve identified the issues and illustrated them with real examples before writing down a set of recommendations as a basis for the redesign phase.

The graphic templates of the future screens implemented these recommendations, and the HTML/CSS screens we’ve developed were easily integrated on the kiosks currently in use in the airports: the travelers can already experiment the experience improvements.

We worked closely with the company team, and continue to do so on other screens and workflow in a continuous improvement approach.


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