ASE Capgemini - collaborative platform

Strategic design and scope definition


ASE Capgemini helps companies solve complex issues with creative workshops. Organized within a three-day duration, the co-workers working in small groups develop together creative solutions following a design thinking approach.


ASE Capgemini wanted to develop a platform for all type of devices (desktop, tablets, smartphones, interactive whiteboards) in order to:

  • Get all the participants (on and off site) involved during the creative sessions
  • Have more efficient internal teams (saving time on scheduling, projects and reference management…)
  • Offer their customers a better project follow-up with centralized and always up-to-date information (distant conferences, work document revising…)


Our user experience design mission was split into two steps, starting with a research and observation phase and following with a recommendation and definition of scenario phase.

During the first part, the af83 team went to observe a client workshop in situ and was able to interview the staff members on their daily tasks, organization and communication. This work was synthesized through a discovery report, identifying the main staff and client needs. It also described, based on the needs, the main platform features, from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) perspective.

On the second phase, our team went into an in-depth analysis. They met with eight members of ASE, representing the different departments (Sales, Product Management, Finance, Workshop facilitation…), during 2-hours interviews and a co-design workshop. These exchanges revealed the platform uses. We documented these with photographic storyboards, along with detailed descriptions of the involved players, contents, features and devices.

Finally each feature was assessed on a user value and ROI scale, in order to produce a cost estimate. We also did an existing tools benchmark, and recommended a first version scope.


The photographic storyboards facilitated internal communication and helped unite the teams around a common vision of the platform and medium term goals. Thanks to this, we could detail precisely the numerous features depending on the needs and expected benefits, as well as draw a priority scope perfectly tailored to ASE Capgeminis’ specific context and line of business.


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