Management tools and website redesign


Operating a fleet of 210 electrical vehicles and 70 recharging stations on behalf of Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, the company VENAP Auto Bleue is at a turning point of its development, especially to follow its clients’ needs. The arrival of One-Way offer necessitates deeply changes of its operations management. Hence, a redesign of its management tools and its website was mandatory.

Here is Pierre Verron testimony, as Project Manager at Auto Bleue, in charge of the collaboration with af83:


"We had run the Auto Bleue’s website for 5 years. It was developed in a language that didn’t allow us to make it evolve easily and quickly. Therefore, we chose to start it all again from the beginning. From thinking to design, we started from a blank page to take in account the issues identified during these last years."


"After several months of reflection, and in order to establish exhaustive specifications, we chose to entrust af83 with this big project. To meet the ambitious implementations deadlines, Auto Bleue had to place two people of its staff full-time until the release of the website first public version and then created an internal position to provide the support needed.

After a 5-month intensive work between af83 and VENAP, the Auto Bleue’s new website’s first version is rolled out, and the feedback is excellent. A great novelty grafts itself to the project: an Auto Bleue app for the Android and iOS digital devices."


"4 months after the public release, Auto Bleue is glad to offer a stable website with an up to date design, constantly welcoming new features facilitating the user experience. The results are excellent, our website’s traffic has skyrocketed, we have exceeded the 1000 downloads for the Auto Bleue’s application across all platforms, and our service’s registrations number is increasing."


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