AXA Drive - mobile app

R.I.T.E tests and user experience optimization


AXA is an international leader and a world-class French company specialized in insurance and asset management. The company had designed and developed a mobile app to register and analyze one's’ driving and to give customized advice. With this app, AXA wanted to improve driving behaviors and eventually decrease the number of accidents.


af83 worked on optimizing the user experience of this innovative app. We also helped define and implement the right communication strategy to launch the app in three test countries: Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.


We put the app under stress to:

  • Validate the choices made regarding the user experience (workflow, features, available information and system feedback)
  • Identify the bottlenecks and suggest points for improvement

Thanks to a series of light and rapid tests using the R.I.T.E. methodology (Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation), we were able to gather feedback on the concept, the app, the features and the screens in a short amount of time and do three iterations to validate their evolutions.


Tests highlighted points for improvement and the three iterations ensured the efficiency of the methodology selected.

During the AXA Drive Day, the influencers were invited to discover the app in a playful and convivial context of use. The experience was perceived as relevant, playful and useful and interest for the app was confirmed.

The app has already been considered as a promising service: within two months, the Android app was downloaded between 50.000 and 100.000 times in Spain and between 10.000 and 50.000 times in Belgium and Switzerland - significant figures for this apps’ category.


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