User experience design


Bouygues Telecom is one of the first mobile phone operators and Internet carrier in France. It has a very dense shops network, but also digital channels representing very important business opportunities, especially in a mobility context.


af83’s mission was to improve the mobile portal experience in order to better serve the operator’s clients, who account for 80% of users. The interfaces designed for the portal were also used and encapsulated in the mobile application. The project went on for a few months, divided into separate lots, each one focused on a specific objective.

The user journeys have been modified in anticipation of the 4G launch, and to improve conversion, upsell and cross-sell as well. A data visualization work has been carried out to optimize the consumption monitoring space.

Moreover, hybrid services (online reservation and pick up in store) have been established in order to accompany the generalization of ROPO (research online, purchase offline) behaviors. Cross-disciplinary pilot projects also allowed testing a responsive web design approach, with the objective of developing a common interface for the mobile portal and website.


The UX team first defined the journeys and then considered different assumptions for the interfaces. It was the occasion to work closely with the graphic design team to comply with the very strong operator’s identity charter. The new services led to creating new elements, which enriched the existing charter.


The first results show a significant increase of the portal’s business performance thanks to the important restructuration and information design work.


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