We worked with CDGP to fully redesign and redevelop the platform


CDGP is a subsidiary of LaSer Cofinoga, the leading European company for intermediation and customer relationship services. provides online consumer credit and financing solutions, notably the Privilège Card, a debit, credit and reward card that has become a de facto standard in the e-commerce world.


Business Challenges

  • Transitioning the existing website into an editorial platform that delivers relevant, targeted, and personalized content to visitors.
  • Making it easier to browse the portfolios and products available, and enhancing merchant pages with rich editorial content.
  • Optimizing the display of products and enabling highlighting.
  • Enhancing the overall browsing and shopping experience on the site – from intuitive product search to more rich media to streamlined checkout.

Project Challenges

  • Developing a CMS that allows for managing all the displayed sections, pages and content through a dedicated interface.
  • Putting in place a system for automatically importing product portfolios of various third-party stores to the CDGP online store.
  • Building an advanced search engine with fast query response times for a product database of over 300,000 records and growing.


  • A modern, fully-modular CMS built from the ground up, that makes it simple and easy to manage content as well as optimize tasks.
  • A robust architecture built around an API and set of widgets, completely independent of context and easily displayed on any site or platform.
  • A dynamic and responsive multi-faceted search engine based on the JavaScript framework Backbone.js, making it easy to navigate the online store and drill down into the massive product database.
  • An intuitive, responsive and powerful user interface designed using the latest web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and AJAX.


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