af83 helped design and develop the front-end of the CleverScale web acceleration platform


CleverScale is a cloud-based platform of content delivery and analytics helping companies accelerate their websites and deliver great user experiences.


Business Challenges

To successfully pitch to prospective investors that their business idea had great potential, the CleverScale team needed to have a functional prototype (proof of concept), prefiguring the standard architecture.

In addition, it was important for the company to have a modern, beautiful design and interface, to demonstrate its ability to deliver a high-quality service as well as provide an insight into what the final product would look like.

Project Challenges

  • Developing a functional proof of concept in less than a month time that effortlessly handles the processing and visualization of interactive, real-time statistics for monitoring a Content Distribution Network (CDN).
  • Server-side data collection and processing in real-time.
  • Client-side statistics visualization in real-time.


af83 demonstrated their ability to innovate and propose the right technologies and infrastructure related to analytics.

Anh-Tuan Gai, Founder & CEO, CleverScale

  • With the platform af83 developed, CleverScale managed to win over the investors, secure the funding necessary to get the project off the ground, and launch successfully.
  • The prototype proved the feasibility of the architecture. Reliable, real-time data processing and visualization by combining Node.js for asynchronous data processing and a NoSQL database for high performance and stability.
  • Interactive, reliable and real-time visualization of statistics using HTML5 and JavaScript technologies.


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