Connected gas station

Strategic design exploratory research


af83 worked for an historical and major multinational energy company, located in more than 100 countries over the 5 continents and very active on the renewable energies field. As part of its innovation process, the company was looking into the redesign of the user experience in its distribution network to improve its service.


The energy area is being disrupted and with these deep shifts our client needed to innovate more than ever. In this context, the company wanted to imagine new offers, enabled by digital, that would become growth drivers for its PoS (Points of Sale) network.


In order to imagine tomorrow’s services, it’s crucial to have an accurate picture of the behaviors to reveal the unsatisfied needs. To do so, our team conducted a research study with in situ observations (using techniques like shadowing and fly-on-the-wall), completed by interviews of about 50 customers. The mission took place in Germany, in two cities with different business and client contexts: Berlin and Duisburg.

This research highlighted user types, formalized through personas, and the team mapped their experience and points of contact to reveal the opportunities of new value propositions.


Thanks to this research, we were able to identify three possible development paths, for different targets of the company. These leads were translated in scenarios along with an estimation of the benefits and ROI. It laid the foundation of future POC (Proof of Concept) to validate the hypothesis.


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