We helped La Poste Group design and build the user interface of Digiposte.


La Poste Group is France’s leading, and Europe’s second largest, postal service. A strategic project of the group, Digiposte is an innovative web service for advanced and secure management of documents. Designed to help customers save time, while maintaining high security levels, Digiposte allows for sending, receiving, storing and sharing documents securely, including invoices, pay slips, certificates, and more. The service is open to users as well as businesses.

Digiposte is an essential element of our innovation strategy.

Jean-Paul Bailly, Chairman, La Poste


Business Challenges

By 2020, the physical mail volume is set to drop by more than 40%, making digital mailing solutions a key growth opportunity for postal operators.

To remain competitive and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment – emerging markets, new forms of competition, and complex consumer behavior – postal operators have to be innovative and make strategic use of new technologies to introduce new, and differentiate their, digital services.

Project Challenges

  • Bringing an industrial-scale project to life within a tight timeframe of 5 months, while keeping quality uncompromised.
  • Managing the multi-partner project using agile practices (Scrum).
  • Designing and developing the front-end platform on top of an existing API developed by a third partner.


  • A system built around a distributed architecture, designed to serve millions of users and handle millions of documents.
  • Advanced functionalities including a secure electronic safe.
  • Rich, intuitive and responsive user interface, compliant with ARIA-W3C accessibility standards.
  • Thanks to af83’s effective continuous integration techniques, Digiposte offers a high-quality experience to its end users.


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