Strategic consulting


DriveQuant is a company which comes from the automotive world and driving data analysis services research.

As part of its excubation from the IFP-EN (French Institute of Oil and New Energies), capitalizing on dozens of years of driving analysis algorithm development, Drivequant is looking for a positioning strategy. Identifying target markets and with and abundant mix of functionalities, this young start up questions the most salient value propositions regarding its target audience. With more than a ten-year experience in digital transformation, af83 could offer Drivequant a methodology at the crossroads of consulting and User centered design to apprehend quickly the mainsprings of its value proposition.


To split an abundant mix of functionalities in value propositions strategically adapted to target markets, in order to prioritize the developments roadmap.



• Customer Development Approach
• Strategic / dataroom baseline
• Value and arbitration string analysis
• Design value propositions
• Functional clusters by positioning, roadmap



After a range of workshops and renditions, Drivequant could use mapping in needs and strategic levers to apprehend its solution following different segments. At the same time, a key positioning typology allowed it to streamline its strategic development analysis and its short / medium term roadmap.



The current excubation performance called for great methodology agility to review and adapt our strategic consulting delivery with a strong idendity supported by a salient brand — IFP-EN — to an original one from an upcoming brand looking for its marks.



"af83 managed to adapt its methodology in a nimble way at the most strategic moment for us, i.e. the spin-off.
While keeping the overarching vision necessary to the macro analysis of the addressed markets and the needs of our targets, we kept our focus on the production of a very workable roadmap.
And it allowed us to steer our development priorities by centering them on both an internally converging business strategy, but also on coherent marketing regarding actins planning."
Philippe Moulin, CEO