Edenred - collaborative intranet

Audit and Recommendations


Created in 2010, Edenred is the world leader in prepaid corporate services. To communicate with its employees and give them access to information and services, the company developed a Sharepoint intranet with several local versions.

The migration to a new software version was the opportunity to audit and improve its features as much as graphic design.


Calling on af83 designers, Edenred wanted to get:

  • A better understanding of its users needs by taking a closer look to the company international dimension and countries cultural specificities
  • Concrete and actionable recommendations especially regarding the community and collaborative part of the intranet, to improve it progressively


During the first phase of the project we realized a heuristic audit of the key pages, the overall ergonomic, the graphic design and the information structure.

We then organized workshops with French employees from different departments. The purpose was to identify their needs, cognitive patterns and behaviors with an interview, a card sorting session and finally an in situ observation session. Videoconference interviews were also conducted with employees from all around the world (Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, India and Columbia).

Finally, a collaborative workshop with the employees was organized to bring out ideas of solutions for the next version to come. We documented each of the phases with a report.


Thanks to the final report and its recommendations, the Collaborative Intranet team within the PR and Internal Communication Department gained a better understanding of the employees needs and had concrete and practical propositions to implement. The audit also brought out opportunities for a new type of content and features, some of them natively available with the next version of the software.

Graphical recommendations were illustrated with a benchmark and best practices report along with zoning and navigation propositions. Each recommendation was associated with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and expected benefits.

Edenred was able to quickly implement some of the propositions and have since measured the positive impact on the employees’ perception of the Intranet. 


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