af83 designed and built the functional prototype of Eloyelo


Eloyelo is a start-up specializing in private, members-only sales networks. The service provides a social platform allowing users to share deals, organize private and home party sales among friends and invite others.


Business Challenges

At a time when traditional sales channels and consumption models are deeply shaken up by the Internet and online sales, private and home sales have suffered from a quaint image. But the rise of the web 2.0 has also created new opportunities for this industry, with the rapid development of online social and community networks.

Such networking mechanisms are in play in the private sales sector. The idea of Eloyelo (previously Mes Copines et Moi) was to combine the best of the digital with the simplicity of mobilizing one’s network. And also offer brands the opportunity to recruit new sales force and develop their sales network.

This is why Eloyelo wanted to create a modern, easy-to-use and user-friendly tool for private sales, with a special focus on home-selling parties. For the start-up, the goal of this prototype was validating key aspects of the offer, such as service utility, business model relevance, and user experience quality.

Project Challenges

To bring to life this Proof of Concept (POC), our team tackled the following challenges:

  • Building quickly a working and usable tool in near real-world conditions
  • Demonstrating the high added value features
  • Providing a convincing and engaging user experience


We developed a POC that not only provided a quality experience, but allowed Eloyelo to redefine its target market and business model. Our work also helped the start-up convince investors to fund their launch.

  • An in-depth work to define the user experience, through the production of wireframes, and the graphic and cinematic design
  • Prototype development using the Ruby on Rails platform to ensure fast development and implement web standards (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) in order to guarantee browser compatibility and development robustness
  • A prototype allowing to test key features and user journeys on the platform

Today, the service is available online and Eloyelo connects brands and users through its platform and a network of ambassadors organizing private sales between friends.

  • Brands have at their disposal an efficient platform that allows them to recruit new ambassadors and increase their sales
  • Through the platform, the direct sales agents can access a set of simple and relevant tools to manage and expand their customer network, in order to reach their sales objectives
  • Users receive deals and can make savings on their purchases


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