Europe 1 - “Moi Maire”

Design and development of a participative platform


As the third French generalist radio station in terms of audience, Europe 1 broadcasts on its website all the videos of its shows and also publishes many papers about what’s happening on the French political scene.


During the 2014 municipal election campaign, Europe 1 wanted to have a special online participative presence to increase its’ audience and its’ brand popularity. They asked af83 to design and develop an application where users could post contributions on the topic “If you were your city’ mayor, what would be your first decision?” The users could also easily share their proposition on various social networks.


This blitz project has been realized in close collaboration with Europe 1 following an agile methodology. The UX Design, graphic design and development teams designed the way the app would work, its visual identity and proceeded to implement it.

Among other features, the submitted posts could be geolocated and moderated by external teams. It also used standard technologies (HTML and CSS) to facilitate social sharing and optimize the SEO.


Thanks to af83 experts and proven methods, the app was online in a very short amount of time with high level of quality. It was such a success that even the candidates to the Paris city hall used it as a virtual boxing ring.


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