Hello Play! platform

Design and development of a social music crowdfunding platform


Hello Bank! is the BNP Paribas online bank. It was launched in France, Germany, Belgium and Italy in May 2013. One year after, it already had 800.000 clients, 100.000 of which are based in France. To sustain its development, Hello Bank! wanted to launch innovative digital projects.


We Are Social was overseeing the whole operation for Hello Bank! and asked for our expertise on innovation and digital approaches. The brand wanted to improve its image and recruit new customers thanks to a brand content platform for France, Italy and Belgium. Hello Play! holds the motto: listen, earn, give back.

From the experience perspective, engagement, gamification and conversion were the main challenges, along with creating a brand new service. The project was also technically complex, with the integration of many third-party services: main music platforms (Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud,…), crowdfunding partner (Ulule) and social networks...


To deliver this ambitious functional scope in a very short time while working with many partners, we established a strong collaborative approach with We Are Social team. We delivered two successive versions, the first one with limited features to launch the service, the second one offering the full range of features.

We had a Mobile First approach, to answer the target uses, and worked afterwards on the tablet and desktop versions. We focused our work on the gameplay, the reward mechanisms, the collaboration incentives, as well as simple and intuitive workflows, before designing the screens wireframes. Thanks to this work, We Are Social teams were able to create a strong identity for the service and striking visual design for the screens.

We also developed several components:

  • A social platform, with contents, artists and users management as well as a CMS for editorial content for Hello Play! administrators
  • Music accounts management, with Hello Coins credits and Ulule integration
  • CRM and analytics features
  • Data visualization features, to display the artists and songs listened by a user during the week
  • Responsive interfaces, for a multiplatform service


Thanks to a very efficient and prolific collaboration, we achieved this ambitious project in less than three months. Now, the user is able to collect HelloCoins and sponsor music projects by listening to music online and sharing it on the social networks from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

For Hello Bank! it is a real success: three months after its release, the platform already has 460 000 unique visitors, and 1 million songs listened, 75 000 songs shared, 467 000 Hello Coin`s collected, 28 projects backed and lastly, 14 projects completed!


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