Ijenko - Compatibility Tool

Smart Thermostat Compatibility Tool Design and development


Ijenko is a young company specialized in at-home energy management. They offer private individuals a comprehensive solution including a box, connected objects and an online platform. They have partnerships with many players (energy providers, distribution network operators, internet service providers…), and offer their products and services as white-labels through a SaaS platform. One of these services is “Xpérience”, a smart heating offer, based on a smart thermostat connected to the Internet and remotely controlled.


Controlling energy consumption without sacrificing comfort is a key issue. This can be applied to private individuals who want to reduce their expenses while preserving their quality of life; but also to energy providers that want to forecast their client needs and offer more relevant everyday services. Offering a smart and remotely controlled heating system, which answered the needs of its’ users is a key service an operator can provide to its clients.

This line of business is growing strongly, where new players and new offers appear daily, but this market is still characterized by a great complexity, in particular when it comes to using common tools. In this context, Ijenko stands out from its competitors, by offering seductive services that are innovative, intuitive and user friendly.

Ijenko tasked af83 with creating an interactive web application to help potential customers assessing whether this thermostat is compatible with their current equipment. To build a white-label and multiplatform compatibility tool, we had to create:

  • An innovative and smooth user experience, embodying the brand values
  • An accessible and responsive interface, compatible with small touch screen resolutions
  • A graphic design that can adapt to any operator`s brand identity
  • A robust and easily scalable code base


We thought through the whole workflow to guarantee the applications' success. The linear and narrative thread takes the user from one step to another, and an autocomplete feature facilitates selecting a water heater within a large list of models. With this addition, 100% of users ended up giving a clear and precise response.

Ijenko business partners can easily brand the applications’ interfaces and integrate it within their own sites and applications. The interface can easily be used on a tablet by a salesperson in a store.


The application was designed and developed within a short time frame, using agile approaches Ijenko was able to roll out on the market a polished version of their service within a few weeks.


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